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Play Ground

A large play ground , Basket Ball Court ,Volley Ball Court and etc provide ample facility for games and sports. Special coaches for Basket Ball and Volley Ball provide training to interested students. A separate play area for primary section and another for Kindergarten section are equipped with play items suitable for the small age group children.

Parents Day for Junior School

All the students of Junior School (up to Class V) present for the parents, programmes that are evolved around issues that are in direct relation to the child and his/her experience.

Sports Day for Junior School Children

Students from Junior school participate in the sports activity on this day. The emphasis is on discovering one's skill and potential and putting to use the various kinaesthetic skills learnt during the games, rather than on participating competitively.

Sports Day for Middle and Senior School Children

Students from classes Six onwards to participate on the mass drill and events on this day. The emphasis is on encouraging students to explore their sense of body movement and rhythm and to find ways of excelling in sport without the competitive edge.