Principal's Desk

Mr. A.Anbalagan


"The Roots of the Education are Bitter but the Fruits are so Sweet"
- Aristotle

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In today's world, educational institutions should serve as beacons for the youth to distinguish between right and wrong and grow into morally upright, responsive humans and responsible citizens of the world instilling in each of them the values of life. As such, we have been making earnest efforts to empower every child who has entered the portals of our School, with courage of conviction and strength of character, to tide over the trials and tribulations of life. Side by side we are also ensuring that the School is keeping pace with the rest of world, changing with the ever evolving technological development and globalization.

As the School is trying to maintain a good tradition of academic, cultural and sporting excellence for the development of all round personality of our students, we prepare a diversified, calendar of events each year that fits into the scheduled time frame of the academic year. Students as such have immense energy, enthusiasm and initiative. Hence we provide opportunities for them to participate in various sporting and co-curricular pursuits and encourage them to join in community activities beyond the school. The aim behind all our co-curricular and academic activities is not only to impart bookish knowledge but to provide the environment for your young minds to take wing.

We believe that school should give students the chance to discover their talents and experience success. When a student experiences success in the arts or in sports, this enhances self-esteem and supports their achievements in other areas. Therefore, the School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities as well as a camp program which challenges our students and exposes them to new experiences, environments and cultures.

We believe that the Hashiny International School offers an outstanding international school experience which our students will cherish for the rest of their lives.

We invite y`ou to explore our website and learn more about our School.

Our school is making efforts to provide an educational experience that is unique, varied and exciting in an atmosphere that provides encouragement, care and attention for every child.

I thank our Chairman who has encouraged us to take up this task and my warm appreciation to all the members of Staff, PTC and my beloved students for their dedicated, committed efforts and contributions which helped at lot in realizing this venture.